film.factory is the official moniker (and registered domain) of our DLA level program, registered by the Sarajevo Film Academy (SFA) in 2013. The program offers a progressive and innovative approach to PhD level education in film art, where accent is placed on high practical output and an open structure of workshops and lectures designed to foster the candidate’s own voice and allow freedom in developing and exploring each individual’s artistic direction. The program was created in cooperation with the acclaimed Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr, who also mentored our first generation of DLA candidates.

The first DLA generation, numbering 7 final candidates, completed their academic program in February 2016.

While we are currently not accepting a class of students at DLA level, you may enquire about individual DLA placements (subject to candidate’s portfolio and aspirations, and the availability of mentorship) at



film.factory Project grew out of the DLA program as an experimental system of workshops and a developing film lab available to all academic levels at the Sarajevo Film Academy.

Complementing core academic requirements of the BFA and MFA Degree Programs, film.factory’s series of theoretical and practical workshops became, and remains, a defining feature of our academic calendar. The project further led to the creation of a centralized production office and initiated the expansion of our in-house film lab.

During his four-year engagement at the SFA, Mr. Béla Tarr acted as Head Mentor for all SFA levels, spearheading the film.factory project by often conflating academic programs and curating exciting, open format workshops for joint attendance by all academic levels. The experimental approach often allowed the workshop content to be entirely dictated by the visiting lecturer, without any program rigidity or academic constraint.

The Project was completed in September 2017, having graduated two MFA and one BFA generation under its working method. The Academy, however, continues to use the best practices acquired, with sustained investment in our film lab and through offering a teaching system that combines core classes with specialized modules, workshops and master classes.

It is these classes and workshops – engaging diverse artists, prominent and provocative filmmakers, and internationally acclaimed film professionals – that continue to shape the Sarajevo Film Academy experience for current and future generations. We also continue with fundraising efforts in order to keep developing new experimental approaches in arts education and are committed to continuously raising the bar of creativity and openness in our academic approach.

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