Gaming Program

Digital gaming industry is predicted to soon hit 140 billion US$ in annual worth internationally, making it one of the most exciting and fastest growing industries of the new millennium. Creative and lucrative careers draw young graduates from a variety of disciplines, as excellent employment opportunities are on the rise across the globe for artists, animators, writers, actors, sound engineers, designers and programmers with a passion for gaming.

The BSc program in Game Design and Development has been jointly created by the SSST’s Sarajevo Film Academy and the Department of Computer Science. It offers courses covering programming, digital animation, 2D/3D modeling, directing, storytelling, editing, cinematography for games, and other.

With our new program (BSc) in Game Design and Development, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST) once again takes the lead in becoming the only university in the region to offer a 3-year, Bologna Certified, undergraduate degree in gaming. Our multidisciplinary approach and practical work with experienced game designers and developers, through partnership with Primetime production, is created to meet both the technical and the artistic challenges of this fast-paced industry.