• Lejla Panjeta

    SFA Acting Dean, Associate Professor Film Theory, Film History, Basics of Directing, Film Production

  • Selma Alispahić

    Associate Professor Film and Society; Working With Actors; Artistic Elements of Film; Audio-Visual Elements of Film; Mentor BFA, MFA

  • Cat Villiers

    Lecturer; Production; Mentor BFA, MFA

  • Tanja Vrvilo

    Lecturer; Scriptwriting; Working with Actors; Mentor BFA

  • Olivia Hetreed

    Lecturer; Scriptwriting

  • Amra Bakšić - Čamo

    Lecturer; Production

  • Faruk Lončarević

    Lecturer; Film Directing

  • Alen Drljević

    Lecturer; Film Directing

  • Redžinald Šimek

    Lecturer; Editing, Audio-Visual Elements of Film, Technical Elements of Film, Artistic Elements of Film

  • Mustafa Mustafić

    Lecturer; Camera, Audio-Visual Elements of Film, Technical Elements of Film, Artistic Elements of Film

  • Vedran Fajković

    Lecturer; Scriptwriting

  • Emina Kujundžić

    Lecturer; Set Design and Costume

List of workshops is newly prepared each year and includes an ever-expanding pool of visiting filmmakers and film professionals, often engaged multiple times. Workshops for each given academic year are updated throughout the year.

  • Abel Ferrara

    Film Directing (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Ademir Kenović

    War Cinema; Production and Marketing (Academic Year 2014/15; Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Adis Đapo

    Production (Academic Year 2019/20)

  • Agnieszka Holland

  • Film Directing (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Ahmed Imamović

    Film Directing (Academic Year 2013/14 - 2017/18)

  • Aida Begić

    Scriptwriting (Academic Year 2017/18)

    Aida Pilav

    Dramaturgy (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Alain Fleischer

    Film Directing (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Alban Ukaj

    Film and Society (Academic Year 2017/18)

    Aleko Gotschev

    Documentary Film (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Alexandru Baciu

    Scriptwriting (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Alin Tasciyan

    Turkish Cinema (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Amila Ramović

    Music and Visual Arts (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Andras Renyi

    Representation of Image in Visual Arts (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Anila Gajević

    From Casting to Working with Actors (Academic Year 2016/17)

    Apichatpong Weerasethakul

    Filming with Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Academic Year 2013/14; Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Asja Mandić

    Reading Images (Academic Year 2013/14; Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Athina Tsangari

    Film Directing (Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Atom Egoyan

    Film Directing (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Bogdan Diklić 

    Working with Actors (Academic Year 2017/18)

    Bojan Hadžihalilović 

    Design: From Concept to Realization (Academic Year 2016/17)

    Boris Lehman

    Filming with Boris Lehman; Alternative Cinema (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Boriša Mraović

    Scriptwriting (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Boris Poljak 

    Cinematography (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Carlos Reygadas

    Filmmakers; Film Directing (Academic Year 2012/13; Academic Year 2013/14; Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Cristian Mungiu

    Film Directing (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Čedomir Kolar

    Production (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Damir Urban

    How Music Changes the World (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Dato Janelidze

    Point of View Workshop (Academic Year 2017/18)

    Dylan Leiner

    Entrepreneurship in Filmmaking (Academic Year 2017/18)

  • Edward Lachman

    Cinematography (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Elma Tataragić

    Scriptwriting (Academic Year 2017/18)

    Emir O. Filipović

    Bosnian History (Academic Year 2017/18)

    Enrico Ghezzi

    Italian Cinema (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Faruk Šabanović

    Animation (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Fred Kelemen

    Cinematography; Camera and Lighting (Academic Year 2012/13; Academic Year 2013/14; Academic Year 2014/15; Academic Year 2015/16; Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

    Feature Film (Academic Year 2012/13)

  • Gael Garcia Bernal

    Body and Film (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Goran Milić

    TV Documentary (Academic Year 2013/14; Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Gus Van Sant

    Filming with Gus Van Sant (Academic Year 2012/13, Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Gusztav Hamos

    To Move or Not to Move: Cinematography (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Guy Maddin

    Film Directing (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Igor Čamo

    Sound Design (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Igor Štiks

    Global Politics in Contemporary Cinema (Academic Year 2017/18)

  • Hansjürgen Rosenbauer

    Modes of Interview (Academic Year 2015/16)

    Jacques Rancière

    Uses of Time in Cinema and Relations of Time, Art and Emancipation (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Jasenko Pašić 

    Film and Society (Academic Year 2017/18)

    James Benning

    Filming with James Benning (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Jean-Christophe Simon

    Distribution and Marketing (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Jean-Michel Frodon

    French New Wave; Cinema of Jean-Luc Godard (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Jonathan Romney

    Anglo-Saxon New Wave (Academic Year 2012/13)

  • Jonathan Rosenbaum

    World Cinema; Film History; Independent Cinema (Academic Year 2013/14; Academic Year 2014/15; Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Juliette Binoche

    Behind the Camera (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Jytte Jensen

    Film Aesthetics (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Khavn De La Cruz

    Filming with Khavn De La Cruz (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Kinga Keszthelyi

    Scriptwriting (Academic Year 2015/16; Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Kirill Razlogov

    Eastern-European Film (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Kumjana Novakova

    Political and Socially Engaged Cinema (Academic Year 2014/15; Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Dr. Lars Nowak

    Issues in Genre Studies (Academic Year 2018/19)

  • Laszlo Rajk

    Set Design (Academic Year 2014/15; Academic Year 2015/16; Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Lav Diaz

    Film Directing (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Lech Kowalski

    16mm – Directing (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Luka Barajević

    Sound (Academic Year 2019/20)

  • Malgorzata Sadowska

    Me, Camera and I; Filmmaker: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Manuel Grosso

    Spanish and Latin American Film (Academic Year 2012/13)

  • Meinolf Zurhorst

    Sales, Distribution, Marketing (Academic Year 2014/15; Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Midhat Mujkić

    Camera; Video Postproduction (Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Miklos Fay

    Musical Dramaturgy (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Milica Urban

    Immoral Art (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Milomir Kovačević Strašni

    Black and White Photography Workshop (Academic Year 2017/18; Academic Year 2018/19)

    Nicole Brenez

    Avant-gardes and Documentary Forms; Fiction and Forms of Depiction (Academic Year 2014/15; Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Pedro Costa

    Feature Film Directing (Academic Year 2013/14; Academic Year 2014/15; Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Pjer Žalica 

    Scriptwriting (Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Peter Webber 

    Feature Film Directing (Academic Year 2017/18)

    Predrag Doder 

    Sound Recording (Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Rasha Salti

    Arab and African Cinema (Academic Year 2014/15; Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Raymond Bellour

    The Photographic Image (Academic Year 2014/15)

  • Robert Golden 

    Film of Unity, Films of Conformity (Academic Year 2018/19)

  • Sanja Džeba

    Set Design, Costume Design (Academic Year 2013/14; Academic Year 2015/16; Academic Year 2016/17))

  • Selma Rizvić

    New Technologies, Film Media and Formats (Academic Year 2016/17)

    Shozo Ichiyama

    Japanese Cinema (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Srđan Šarenac

    Production (Academic Year 2018/19)

  • Stefan Malešević

    Sound Recording (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Sulejman Medenčević Suki

    Cinematography Workshop (Academic Year 2017/18)

  • Dr. Sven Grampp

    Borders in Film (Academic Year 2019/20)

    Thierry Garrel

    Documentary Filmmaking (Academic Year 2013/14; Academic Year 2014/15, Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Tilda Swinton

    Acting – Other Side of the Camera (Academic Year 2012/13)

  • Timothy and Stephen Quay

    Animation (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Tsai Ming Liang

    Film Directing (Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Ulrich Gregor

    World Film History (Academic Year 2012/13)

  • Una Gunjak

    Pitching Training (Academic Year 2017/18)

    Vessela Martschewski

    Editing and Montage (Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Victor Erice

    Film Directing (Academic Year 2016/17)

  • Zeki Demirkubuz

    Film Directing (Academic Year 2014/15; Academic Year 2015/16)

  • Zeynep Özbatur Akatan

    Director - Producer Relationship (Academic Year 2017/18)

    Ziyah Gafić

    Photography - Reportage (Academic Year 2013/14)

  • Želimir Žilnik

    Documentary Film (Academic Year 2017/18)