Faculty and Lecturers

  • Bela Tarr

    Professor Film Directing; Audio-Visual Elements of Film; Mentor MFA

  • Marin Martschewski

    Professor Film Directing; Film History; Film and Society; Mentor BFA

  • Tanja Vrvilo

    Professor Script Writing; Working with Actors; Mentor BFA

  • Nenad Dizdarević

    Professor Working with Actors; Mentor BFA, MFA

  • Ahmed Imamović

    Professor Production; Mentor BFA

  • Fred Kelemen

    Lecturer Cinematography; Camera and Lighting

  • Jonathan Rosenbaum

    Lecturer World Cinema; Film History; Independent Cinema

  • Pedro Costa

    Lecturer Feature Film Directing

  • Thierry Garrel

    Lecturer Documentary Filmmaking

  • Kinga Keszthelyi

    Lecturer Scriptwriting

  • Zeki Demirkubuz

    Lecturer Film Directing

  • Cristian Mungiu

    Lecturer Film Directing

  • Faruk Lončarević

    Lecturer Film History

  • Cat Villiers

    Lecturer Production

  • Redžinald Šimek

    Lecturer Editing

  • Asja Mandić

    Lecturer Reading Images

  • Sanja Džeba

    Lecturer Set and Costume Design

  • Kumjana Novakova

    Lecturer Political and socially engaged Cinema

List of workshops is newly prepared each year and includes an ever-expanding pool of visiting filmmakers and film professionals, often engaged multiple times. Workshops for each given academic year are updated throughout the year and available in the ACADEMIC CALENDER as they become confirmed.

  • Gus Van Sant

    Filming With Gus Van Sant (Academic year 2012/13; Academic year 2014/15)

  • Carlos Reygadas

    Filmmakers Workshop (Academic year 2012/13; Academic year 2013/14)

  • Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

    Feature Film (Academic year 2012/13)

  • Faruk Šabanović

    Animation (Academic year 2012/13)

  • Jonathan Romney

    Anglo-Saxon New Wave (Academic year 2012/13)

  • Tilda Swinton

    Acting – Other Side of the Camera (Academic year 2012/13)

  • Timothy and Stephen Quay

    Animation (Academic year 2012/13)

  • Jean-Michel Frodon

    French New Wave; Cinema of Jean-Luc Godard (Academic year 2013/14; Academic year 2014/15)

  • Andras Renyi

    Representation of Image in Visual Arts (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Shozo Ichiyama

    Japanese Cinema (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Khavn De La Cruz

    Filming with Khavn De La Cruz (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Apichatpong Weerasethakul

    Filming With Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Edward Lachman

    Cinematography (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Laszlo Rajk

    Set Design (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Meinolf Zurhorst

    Sales, Distribution, Marketing (Academic year 2014/15; Academic year 2015/16)

  • Boris Lehman

    Filming with Boris Lehman; Alternative Cinema (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Enrico Ghezzi

    Italian Cinema (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Jean-Christophe Simon

    Distribution and Marketing (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Agnieszka Holland

    Film Directing (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Gael Garcia Bernal

    Body and Film (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Ulrich Gregor

    World Film History (Academic year 2012/13)

  • Manuel Grosso

    Spanish and Latin American Film (Academic year 2012/13)

  • Jytte Jensen

    Film Aesthetics (Academic year 2013/14)

  • Kirill Razlogov

    Eastern-European Film (Academic year 2013/14)

  • Guy Maddin

    Film Directing (Academic year 2013/14)

  • Alin Tasciyan

    Turkish Cinema (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Juliette Binoche

    Behind The Camera (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Rasha Salti

    Arab and African Cinema (Academic year 2014/15; Academic year 2015/16)

  • James Benning

    Filming with James Benning (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Raymond Bellour

    The Photographic Image (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Ademir Kenović

    War Cinema; Production and Marketing (Academic year 2014/15; Academic year 2015/16)

  • Malgorzata Sadowska

    Me, Camera and I; Filmmaker: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Goran Milić

    TV Documentary (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Lech Kowalski

    16mm – Directing Workshop (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Gusztav Hamos

    To Move or Not to Move: Cinematography Workshop (Academic year 2014/15)

  • Nicole Brenez

    Avant-gardes and Documentary Forms; Fiction and Forms of Depiction (Academic year 2014/15; Academic year 2015/16)

  • Lav Diaz

    Film Directing (Academic year 2015/16)

  • Abel Ferrara

    Film Directing (Academic year 2015/16)

  • Alexandru Baciu

    Scriptwriting (Academic year 2015/16)

  • Atom Egoyan

    Film Directing (Academic year 2015/16)

  • Amila Ramović

    Music and Visual Arts (Academic year 2015/16)

  • Hansjürgen Rosenbauer

    Modes of Interview (Academic year 2015/16)

  • Boris Poljak

    Cinematography (Academic year 2015/16)

  • Vessela Martschewski

    Editing and Montage (Academic year 2015/16)