Entrance Exam Guidelines


The entrance exam for the multidisciplinary program in Game Design and Development (GDD) is consisted of:
1. English language test
2. Math and logic test
3. Synopsis of an idea for an original video game
4. Storyboard
5. Interview.

1. English Language Test

In order to follow courses and coursework at University SSST, candidates must have an adequate knowledge of English language. The English entrance test, with a pass mark of 61%, is a requirement for all candidates. HERE you can find the English Language Entrance Exam Guide and English Language Examination samples.


2. Mathematics and Logic Test

The entrance exam consists of 10 questions. Five questions are related to a pure mathematical field including: algebraic expressions, linear functions and equations, the application of linear equations, probability theory, and linear equationsystems. The remaining five problems will relate to the following areas of logical thinking: logical reasoning, pattern completion, analytical reasoning, and number puzzle (table). The entrance exam in Mathematics and Logics, with a pass mark of 51%, is a requirement for all candidates.


3. Synopsis of an idea for an original video game

The candidates are required to submit a written synopsis of an idea for an original video game they want to design and develop. The synopsis should be in the range of 300 words minimum to 700 words maximum, and may include some of the following elements:
- a summary of the storyline
- explanation of the core idea and motivational background
- description of visual style/language/game environment
- description of leading character(s)
- game platform
- literary/graphic novel/philosophical or other references (if applicable).


4. Storyboard

The candidates are required to submit a storyboard of minimum 12 to maximum 30 panels, showing a visual and narrative progression of a representative scene from the game story. Points 3 and 4 should be submitted prior to the entrance examination by sending it to the email address gaming@ssst.edu.ba or at the entrance examination at the University SSST.


5. Interview

Candidates may also be asked to come in for an interview with a course professor and/or University administration, following the completion of entrance examination and submission of all required documentation. Candidates will be contacted via phone or email to schedule the interview date and time.




Please fill out and submit the Application Form for Undergraduate Studies. Please make sure to fill in all the required sections of the Application Form.

For all additional questions, please contact the SSST Registry Office. For further details on the multidisciplinary program Game Design and Development, please contact us at gaming@ssst.edu.ba or via telephone + 387 33 975 060/002.