Working with Actors

Spring Semester 2017/18

One of the greatest actors of Eastern Europe, Bogdan Diklić, is a living film and TV legend. Having been casted to over 90 films and TV series, his work is considered to have played a significant role in development of former Yugoslavian cinema. With acclaimed national and international career, Bogdan worked with some of the most famous directors of that era such as Živojin Pavlović, Goran Marković, Slobodan Šijan, among other. Diklić has an impressive range of acting experience that includes working in independent regional and European film productions. His first major role was in the TV series The Unpicked Strawberries (1976) and in the film Solder's Love (1976). Diklić gained great popularity for his notable role in the film National Class (1979). Among other, Bogdan is known for acting in cult films such as The Marathon Family (1982), Čudo Neviđeno (1984), Balkan Spy (1984), Oktoberfest (1987), Cabaret Balkan (1999), No Man’s Land (2001), Fuse (2003), The Tour (2008), A Stranger (2013), among others. He is the author of the book Acting Without Acting. Diklić is a recipient of numerous national and international awards and prizes for his distinguished work on film screen and in the theatres.

Bogdan Diklić will joins us as the guest lecturer with a Working with Actors Module during which he will share his experience of the subsequent work on a range of films. He will examine the key points in his personal development covering the topics such as casting process, character analysis based on relationship to other characters, actors' opinions and dilemmas, actors' freedom and self-awareness, among other. Within the module, Bogdan will also place focus on the process of developing a successful relationship with the director, where he will treat the following topics: the initial creative dialogues with actors as well as the question on conflicting opinions and how to overcome them.