Cinematography Masterclass

with Suki Medencevic, DOP

Member of the world's most prestigious cinematographers organization, American Cinematographers Society (ASC) and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cinematography, lights, cameras, lenses, Suki Medenčević, DOP joined us with a Cinematography Masterclass.

During the Masterclass, Suki placed focus on the role of cinematographer in the creative process of film and TV production. He gave an introduction in current workflow practices and discussed the new trends in both independent and Hollywood productions, offering valuable insights not only on the creative aspects of the cinematographer’s profession, but on film business-related topics as well. Through the informed analysis, Suki explained the creative and logistical challenges in selected scenes of feature films he worked. The Masterclass incorporated practical, hands-on demonstrations of camera and lighting techniques, presenting different portrayals using different lighting methods including minimum lighting and unconventional lighting sources.

Suki Medenčević earned Master Degree with Honours in cinematography at renowned film school FAMU. Following his desire to have a career in the motion picture industry, he went to Los Angeles in 1991. After his first feature film in the USA, Suki has been steadily working in film industry, making numerous feature length films and made-for-TV films, television shows, commercials, documentaries, both in independent and Hollywood film production. He has worked alongside the legendary cinematographer Michael Goi, ASC. Medenčević was involved in several high profile documentaries for PixarILMThe Hearst Corporation, and is currently working on The History of Imagineering for Disney Studios. A passionate still photographer with several solo and group exhibits on his resume, he is also a lecturer at University of Southern CaliforniaDivision of Film and Television Production.

For the work as cinematographer, Medenčević has earned many international nominations and awards.